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Business Card Holder [The Wave]

Business Card Holder [The Gripper]

Mayan Planter Pot Design

Face Shield - Takes A4 Clear Film

TalkiePi Case

Tabletop Camera Tripod

LCD Shade for Pentax DSLR

Camera Caddy

Print Bed Level Knobs

Bridging Test

Ring Display Case

Pencil Holder

Desktop Phone Holder (OnePlus 6)

Phone Tripod Mount

Random Part

SD Card Holder (Wavey)

SD Card Holder (Simpler design)

SD Card Holder (Detailed Design)

Scroll Coat Hook

Modern Coat Hook

Modern Coat Hook (Short)

Destiny Helmet Model

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Arca Swiss Camera L Bracket

Filament Guide (Cocoon TOUCH)

Bed Spring Aligners

Cocoon TOUCH Fan Shroud

Stepper Calibration Gauge

Z Accuracy Test

X Carriage Level Guides

65 degree Overhang Test

20mm Mini Castle Test


Cheery Reindeer Model [Whole]

Cheery Reindeer [Parts]

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Accuracy Gauge


Saturn V Rocket Engine

Click Fit System

VC Holden Commodore Bonnet Support Mount

Webcam Holder (Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000)

SpaceX Starship and Booster

45 Degree Cooling Fan Test

Desktop Phone Stand